Cartoon Portraits and Other Gifts For Your Girlfriend while in Singapore

Today we are going to cover the top five best gifts in my opinion if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Exactly what are the best gifts for your girlfriend in Singapore?” Maybe you are on a visit, maybe it’s a simple birthday or anniversary or even if it’s Christmas day … the best gift is obviously the most unique. Because your girlfriend is unique. The hard part is often matching the gift to the person.

One key factor to consider is not to match the gift to you, but to match the gift to them. Why? because obviously the more they think about themselves, the more they will think about you as you are the one who purchased them the gift. It’s actually quite natural.

Jewelry Box


Consider an exclusive jewelry box for your very special lady. It’s important to match the jewelry box to her furniture, clothing choices and even luggage. Remember the use of the box is to keep track of all her jewelry whether you bought it, or she did, or perhaps from a family heritage. This shows longevity in relationships. A good thing for you and your girlfriend.


What about a piece of jewelry to place into the jewelry box, or what if she already has one big enough for now? What would be a good starter gift? It’s good to look into the necklace area for a wide range of prices. A pendant with various jewels and precious medals can range from as expensive and custom as you want to go to just a small token of appreciation.

Coin Purse


Perhaps you need to think of what are the daily activities of your girlfriend so you can be a forget-me-not or a constant fixture in her sight. Or at least your gift could be. A unique coin purse can be a very cheap and inexpensive option for her.


If your girlfriend works in a formal environment, or attends church, maybe consider a unique lapel pin in the shape of animals or flowers or anything cute that is unique to you as a couple.

Cartoon portrait gifts – another perfect idea that every girl will appreciate. Everyone loves unique art, especially custom portraits. One great unique opportunity, when you find it, is a cartoon portrait for your girlfriend while in Singapore. How many people have one? Ever been to a theme park? These are fun to watch being produced and provide years of personalized entertainment. This is the best gift!


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