Barnett Wildcat C5 Black Crossbow Package Review

Wildcat C5 is a crossbow which features medium velocity and is designed for performance, comfort and speed in sharply shooting targets right away with a red dot sight with dot intensity that varies, a quick – detach quiver, and bolts.

It is one of Barnett’s best- sellers of all time. Its awesome full-pack features include the quad limbs, the new CROSSWIRE string, a lightweight thumbhole grip, compound GAM stock, a cable system and exceptional energy wheels. It also has an attachment making it crank- compatible. This attachment is optional only this allows the bow to be easily loaded while keeping a smooth, stumpy profile design. With the comfort that it offers, exceptional performance and speed, Wildcat C5 also offers a cable system and a lightweight compound GAM stock.


With its 5 years limited warranty, it’s really a great investment choosing Wildcat C5 as your tool for your hunting and leisure activities together with Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow For Hunting.

Barnett Crossbow Packaging:

  • Barnett Wildcat C5 Black crossbow
  • 3 20 inch arrows
  • Premium red dot sight
  • Quiver
  • High energy wheels
  • Quad limb vented type
  • GAM compound stock
  • Magnesium riser
  • “Veloci-speed synthetic” cable system
  • 4.5-pound trigger haul

Wildcat C5 Crossbow Advantages:

Aside from choosing a high quality, best- selling crossbow ever, you can also guarantee and enjoy the unlimited features Wildcat c5 have to offer. It is made in the USA and the price is very reasonable considering the outstanding components in each of the crossbow package. It also lasts longer than any compound crossbows.

The drawback is undemanding and the release has enough power to the target while not jerking you forward. It could shoot at 320 FPS with 150 lbs draw weight. Aside from that, its crank compatible design has an in-built crank option crossbow attachment for it to be easily installed while keeping a low profile and sleek design.


With its rare feature set, you can get a tight shot group on the bull’s eye up to 50 yards or even farther beyond. You can also order some silencers and limb savers to quite it down a bit. That’s if you want your crossbow to whisper.

Barnett Wildcat C5 Summary

The three dot sight that is included in the Wildcat C5 package won’t hold a zero so there’s a need to upgrade however, the crossbow itself is pretty performing well even without the sight.

Other customer also found out that the package came with wrong arrows and posted his review on this website. They are not wrong really. They are pre-packaged by Barnett and ensure each of its specifications prior to its shipping, maybe shaft or point should be considered.

Some say that the scope could do with an upgrade, especially as this crossbow will shoot at a awesome 320 fps and will group your bolts very well. The package did not include a cocking devise. So you will have to purchase a cocking devise at if you want to customize your crossbow.

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Fearing Prosecution, County Drops Proposed marijuana

Spooked by federal threats against bureaucrats administering state-sanctioned medical marijuana programs, Pitkin County commissioners abruptly backed off rules regulating the local growth and sale of medicinal marijuana Wednesday. The county had spent the last year considering how, if at all, it should regulate the booming medical pot business here.


The commissioners were attempting to get regulations in place before the state’s July 1 deadline for local marijuana rules. After that date, towns and counties that don’t act will be subject to the state rules only. Staffers prepared a draft of an ordinance that would have added specifications for marijuana to the county code, which the commissioners were set to consider Wednesday. The draft ordinance mostly dealt with grow-sites in rural areas of the county. Proposed regulations included minimum distances from neighbors and limits on the lot sizes of grow operations.

Image source: snoop dogg vaporizer

Instead, county attorney John Ely advised the commissioners not to adopt the ordinance or take any action on it, because doing so would be a crime and subject to prosecution under federal law. Ely said recent posturing by federal prosecutors prompted his call to end the county’s marijuana debate. U.S. attorneys have recently warned states like Colorado that regulating marijuana, under the guise of state medical pot laws, still violates federal drug laws. It’s a change in tone from the beginning of the Obama administration, when Attorney General Eric Holder signaled that the Department of Justice would not interfere with medical marijuana activities conducted in compliance with state law.


Growers and licensed medical pot smokers are subject to federal raids and can be charged with drug crimes regardless of what state law says about medical uses of the drug, Ely explained. He lamented that those involved in the industry locally have worked hard to follow the state’s evolving rules on medicinal marijuana. “These people fully believe they are obeying the law,” Ely said. “[But] they are subject to prosecution.” Most troublesome for the county, Ely said, is that the feds could have targeted the staffers who wrote the county pot ordinance or the commissioners for aiding and abetting such crimes, had they instituted the proposed regulations.


“I started to put on the brakes when I realized the ramifications for our staff,” Ely explained. He said that whether or not the feds start raiding Colorado pot shops and farms, or going after the state and local officials that have worked to regulate the industry, will depend largely on federal funding and the inclination of the U.S. attorney general.


The state constitution’s allowance for medicinal use of best dry herb vaporizers for marijuana is trumped by federal prohibition of the drug, he reiterated. “No matter what the state may do, that conduct — the possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute or sell — is simply illegal,” Ely said. Commissioners Rachel Richards and Michael Owsley both said that Wednesday’s meeting marked the first time in their political careers that they had been advised a vote of theirs could constitute a crime. Commissioner Rob Ittner asked Ely whether local government collections of sales tax revenue from the sale of medical marijuana could also be considered a federal drug crime. Ely said that since sales tax is funneled down from the state, it would not.


They voted unanimously not to consider the pot ordinance. Lauren Maytin, a local attorney who has represented local medical marijuana shops, supported the commissioners dropping the vote on regulations. Her husband, Jay, spoke on her behalf before the commissioners.

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Cartoon Portraits and Other Gifts For Your Girlfriend while in Singapore

Today we are going to cover the top five best gifts in my opinion if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Exactly what are the best gifts for your girlfriend in Singapore?” Maybe you are on a visit, maybe it’s a simple birthday or anniversary or even if it’s Christmas day … the best gift is obviously the most unique. Because your girlfriend is unique. The hard part is often matching the gift to the person.

One key factor to consider is not to match the gift to you, but to match the gift to them. Why? because obviously the more they think about themselves, the more they will think about you as you are the one who purchased them the gift. It’s actually quite natural.

Jewelry Box


Consider an exclusive jewelry box for your very special lady. It’s important to match the jewelry box to her furniture, clothing choices and even luggage. Remember the use of the box is to keep track of all her jewelry whether you bought it, or she did, or perhaps from a family heritage. This shows longevity in relationships. A good thing for you and your girlfriend.


What about a piece of jewelry to place into the jewelry box, or what if she already has one big enough for now? What would be a good starter gift? It’s good to look into the necklace area for a wide range of prices. A pendant with various jewels and precious medals can range from as expensive and custom as you want to go to just a small token of appreciation.

Coin Purse


Perhaps you need to think of what are the daily activities of your girlfriend so you can be a forget-me-not or a constant fixture in her sight. Or at least your gift could be. A unique coin purse can be a very cheap and inexpensive option for her.


If your girlfriend works in a formal environment, or attends church, maybe consider a unique lapel pin in the shape of animals or flowers or anything cute that is unique to you as a couple.

Cartoon portrait gifts – another perfect idea that every girl will appreciate. Everyone loves unique art, especially custom portraits. One great unique opportunity, when you find it, is a cartoon portrait for your girlfriend while in Singapore. How many people have one? Ever been to a theme park? These are fun to watch being produced and provide years of personalized entertainment. This is the best gift!


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